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Fonts for Bible with Cantillation Marks

The normal Hebrew fonts supplied by Microsoft with Windows do not support cantillation marks or even some of the standard non-cantillation marks of Hebrew.  If you see black blocks between the letters instead of cantillation marks, you need to install a special Unicode font that does support Hebrew fully.  Many free Unicode Hebrew fonts seem to be in development and several good ones are already available.  At this point, our favorite is the Shlomo Light Bold font, which we find the most satisfying among the five members of the Shlomo family of fonts; the Shlomo fonts were derived from the Ezra SIL SR font with SIL's permission, and they provide more easily distinguished letters, especially for those with limited vision.  The original SIL fonts are a close second:  the Ezra SIL SR has traditional rounded cantillation marks, and Ezra SIL has square cantillation marks as in the manuscripts.  Other fonts you might want to try are those from Sourceforge's Culmus Project Taamey Culmus, the SBL Hebrew font, or the Cardo fonts.

We do not have access to a MAC and do not know what to recommend for MACs.

We ask you to write us your recommendations by clicking on the link below, if you think that another font is better and still reasonably priced or free.

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last updated:  1 June 2012